i NEED TO GET SIMS 2 *screams*


i think the only thing ill ever be proud of is one of my selfies being used as a emo porn site advertisement 


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take me here on our first date

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On August 30th, I will no longer be an art blog.  It is up to you, my followers, to decide what kind of blog I will be for the full length of the day

If this gets 0-100 notes, I will become a soft grunge blog
100-500, hard grunge
500-1k, indie/fashion/beach/sunrise/bambi/pastel
1k-2k, relatable text posts only
2k-5k, plants
5k+, shut up for a day


important questions to ask yourself while watching any movie:

  1. what is the ratio of humans to animals.  trick question humans are animals
  2. is there a little kid that is smarter than their parent
  3. how many trains are there and how much air time are they given
  4. is it called disney’s planes fire & rescue
  5. does the popcorn taste good.  does it compliment the thematic styles present in the film


remember that there are millions of people out there that don’t know how to type but have to write 5 page double spaced papers


me after the professor is 3 seconds late to class:  let’s give him 3 more seconds and then we can leave




wait a freaking second

who is jensen ackles

i thought jensen ackles was that fish from spongebob 

this guy


i thought…this entire time… you guys have been talking about this fish…..

i dont even know why i just heard the name jensen ackles and assumed that was this guys name

This is the most serious post on this entire website

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when people purposely try to break their phone so their parents will buy them a new one


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If this gets 120,000 notes I will try out for American Idol singing The Krusty Krab Pizza